Design your Space

Build a Green Future

You may already have some raised beds or an allotment area at your school. If not there are some pros and cons to consider when designing a space and choosing materials. Although raised beds cost time and money to build, they are much easier to manage than an open space. The key disadvantage to raised beds is that they drain very well and far too easily in the summer months so regular watering is important. Maybe think, is there any rain water that can be harvested off a guttering pipe near by?

When building raised beds or using containers there are many different materials available and these all have cost implications. At Grow it Schools we understand your budget is really important. We offer accurate estimations for material costs giving you the right information to make an informed decision. At the end of the day we want your Grow it Schools project to be successful and sustainable. By attending one of our introduction CPD courses we can start designing your space together to help you save time, energy, money and make it easier to sustain in the long run.