Residents at Gracewell of Adderbury sow flower seeds, take cuttings and create an action plan for this spring

Residents really enjoyed this weeks gardening activity of sowing a variety of flower seeds into trays. Lobelia, Dahlia, Agapanthus and a few herb seeds among others. We shared memories and gardening stories whilst taking cuttings from a spider plant (Chlorophytum), which some of the residents took to grow on in water in their own apartments. Finally we discussed ideas for what other things residents would like to grow in the in coming months.


Residents at Gracewell of Adderbury sow sweet peas and play a sensory herb quiz

This was our first session, bringing gardening activities indoors for residents within a local retirement home. Residents enjoyed sowing sweat pea seeds. Then we re-invigorating the senses by playing a sensory herb quiz in teams of two so it became a sociable yet competitive activity. Big thank you to all involved and who participated, it was a very fun activity to do with you all.

Girl Guides Help Bridge Street Community Garden

Two Wednesdays ago, a local Girl Guides group came to Bridge Street Community Garden to help out. The girls did some direct seed sowing, picking strawberries, watering and feeding various plants. The group were so engaged and thoroughly enjoyed being in the garden. They worked very well as a team and we managed to get a lot of watering done. To finish the session I set them a challenge to see how many different types of culinary herbs they could identify. To my amazement one group found 7 different herbs. That was impressive!

Big thanks to all the Girl Guides & leaders for supporting Bridge Street Garden.


Leonard Cheshire – Agnes Court update

Last Thursday Agnes Court residents focused on replanting/dividing and planting out herbs into containers outside the kitchen. It was so exciting seeing the different herbs we had sowed during our very first gardening session of the year eventually being planted out. Residents then spent some quiet time under the shade of the gazebo pinching the Rosemary cuttings to dry out, which we can use in the kitchen to add a bit of herby flavour to some dishes this summer.

Leonard Cheshire update

Two weeks ago Agnes Court residents tended to the sweetcorn patch we had planted out in May. The plants are looking very healthy, big thanks to the other volunteers who supplied mulch to this bed before we planted it up. Residents planted some climbing french beans and sunflowers in around the sweetcorn. Following the three sisters principle, we had to give the sweetcorn a good start. Hopefully the beans will climb up the sweetcorn.

People’s park community garden is open to the public on a Thursday morning and are always looking for new volunteers, if you’re interested in helping just turn up.


Leonard Cheshire gardening session

Last week residents from Leonard Cheshire were busy planting up some fantastic hanging baskets. Using plugs which we had bought and potted on into 6 cell trays earlier in May. These baskets will definitely bring a smile for weeks to come and add additional colour to Agnes Court gardens. Great effort everyone, we did a good job.

Leonard Cheshire gardening session

Today residents from Agnes Court were sowing Autumn flowering seeds under the shelter of the fantastic poly tunnel. Once the rain had cleared we managed to get outside and plant out our sweetcorn and pumpkin plants. The residents have been learning about the three sisters which is an ancient South American companion planting technique. Where maize, squash and climbing beans grow together on the same plot of land.


Leonard Cheshire Gardening Session

During last Thursday’s gardening session Agnes Court residents got stuck in with potting on plugs into 6 cell trays to establish (not electrical plugs). These will be ready to plant out into the hanging baskets by the end of May 2018. I’ve really enjoyed working with this group they are very enthusiastic and pleased to get outdoors and get gardening. Thanks to all the amazing volunteers who supported with this session. And finally big thanks to Banbury People’s Park Community Garden for hosting our sessions. (Banbury’s People’s Park runs regular open gardening mornings on a Thursday.)

First seed sowing workshop of the year

On Saturday afternoon the Sunrise Community Centre youth group visited People’s Park Community Garden for a seed sowing workshop. A group of 15 children learnt how to sow different types of seeds into trays and pots. The children really enjoyed visiting the garden. A big thank you to Richard and the rest of the Banbury Town Council team for allowing us to use your fantastic poly-tunnel.

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